Limited space available in U2 BaFa BaFa cultural simulation exercise

The U2 program will offer the BaFa BaFa cultural simulation exercise from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 6, Rooms 10-12 and 16-18, Swanson Hall. This cultural diversity workshop, sponsored by the American Indian Student Services, is a cultural simulation game that teaches participants about cultural differences, assumptions, and misunderstandings. The overall purpose of the game is to increase cultural awareness and sensitivity among participants and to improve their ability to work with and relate to members from cultures that differ from their own. Facilitators for ‘BaFa BaFa’ are American Indian Student Services staff.

This is the second time U2 has sponsored ‘BaFa BaFa’ training. Here’s what some UND employees had to say about their ‘BaFa BaFa’ experience: “This was an awesome activity,” “Excellent – all faculty and students should have an opportunity to participate,” “Great facilitation,” “Very eye-opening,” “Every UND faculty and staff should go through this training,” “A fun, great way to learn about cultural differences!”

There is no charge for this workshop. The registration deadline is July 30. Register early to guarantee your enrollment in the class. To register:; e-mail

If you’re interested in having a departmental or joint departmental ‘BaFa BaFa’ workshop, please contact Keith Malaterre, American Indian Students Services by phone at 777-4292 or e-mail
-- Kathryn Williams, U2 Coordinator, University Within the University Program,, 777-4266