Students encouraged to apply for membership on Student Relations Committee

The assistance of faculty and staff in encouraging students to apply for membership on the UND Student Relations Committee (SRC) for the 2009-2010 academic year is sought. The SRC consists of a group of students and faculty, appointed by the president, trained, and called upon to hear cases of alleged violations of the Code of Student Life. It is the highest disciplinary body of the University and has the power to suspend a student or student organization and/or place a disciplinary notation on any student record which is currently or prospectively available to those outside the University. The successful student candidate for a position on the SRC must be enrolled and in academic good standing. Candidates will demonstrate a clear, logical thought process, and the ability to maintain objectivity without regard to experience. Candidates will have the potential to work closely and collaboratively with student peers and faculty members. Applicants must have a sense of current events on campus, and understand the mission of the institution. A student member of the SRC must not be the subject of any current University-related disciplinary sanction(s). A link to the job description and application form may be found at The application deadline is Friday, April 3.
-- Kathy Sukalski, Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,, 7-4049