A new University Letter is on the way

The University Letter is undergoing a transformation intended to make it more visually pleasing and more functional. For a sneak preview of the new-and-improved version, please visit www2.und.edu/our/uletter-new/ . You'll see that it contains the same information, but in, we hope, a more usable format. As we move forward, the new University Letter will become UND's "daily" online newsletter.

Here are some of the advantages of the new version:
* Access to more timely information (no need to wait a week for the next University Letter; offices will be able to more quickly publicize their events and information).
* Ability to disseminate "emergency" information quickly. We will be able to activate a "News Alert" section of scrolling type that can be used for immediate notification for a variety of situations (flood update information, weather-related closings, notification of NotiFind and Siren testing, etc.).
* Ability to highlight the most important pieces of information.
* Ability to categorize and search for kinds of information (events, lectures, announcements, research, etc.)
* Ability to incorporate video, photos, and graphics. We will webcast the March 9 planning forum, for example. That video could be imbedded into the new University Letter for a period of time.
* In time, we will "wean" the campus from the nearly daily "mass" e-mails. Our hope is that most folks will make a habit of accessing the University Letter site the way many of us already go online daily to visit our favorite news sources.
* Ability for folks to sign up for an RSS feed, which will drive information to them at their own request.

We would appreciate any feedback (positive, positive criticism, not-so-positive criticism, suggestions, etc.) as we move forward. We have test-marketed this new approach for some weeks, and hope to go live within the next week. You may submit your information as usual until the change takes place.