SPEC presents summer courses, programs workshop

Are you interested in learning how to turn your idea into a possible course or program?
Learn how at the “Turning Ideas into Summer Courses, Programs” workshop sponsored by the Summer Programs and Events Council. The workshop is led by SPEC co-chairs Diane Hadden, director of Summer Sessions, and Kerry Kerber, associate dean of the Division of Continuing Education, and will be held Thursday, Oct. 5, from 3 to 4 p.m., in the River Valley Room, Memorial Union. The workshop is designed for the person who has an idea and the willingness to fine tune it into a possible academic course or non-credit based program.

Explore the viability of a course/program idea by engaging in a needs analysis process to accurately analyze an idea’s worth in the marketplace. You will work through a process to take an idea and learn how to clarify it, and then develop it into a possible educational course or program. You will also learn about SPEC’s mission and purpose of advocacy for “new credit” and “non-credit” programming. The shared results of the SPEC Needs Assessment Surveys will help you look at the topics of high interest expressed by various participant groups. Finally, the basics of business planning process will be reviewed, so you will understand the impact that good business practices have on course/program operational success.

This workshop is planned in conjunction with the Tuesday, Sept. 26, launching of the SPEC’s Start-Up Mini-Grant Program, which awards deserving proposals mini-grant funds to help cover the development, marketing, and start-up costs for new summer courses and programs.

Please reserve your seat by registering with U2 by: phone, 777-2128, e-mail, U2@mail.und.nodak.edu, or online www.conted.und.edu/U2/.

-- Julie Bean, Summer Events Program Specialist, Division of Continuing Education, juliebean@mail.und.edu, 701-777-0441