New administrative internship opportunity: Faculty Handbook

The administrative internship component of the Presidential Leadership Programs is designed for faculty and staff interested in additional administrative work. Each year, up to eight participants (at least 50 percent women and 50 percent faculty) are matched with approved internship projects and mentors across campus. On average, interns will work six hours per week on their projects and attend monthly meetings to network with other interns. Each intern will receive a stipend of $500 to $1,000 depending on the length of the internship project. To apply, call 777-4824 or e-mail for an application. This internship is open until filled:

#2005-05 University Senate Faculty Handbook Project
Mentor: Doug Munski, chair, University Senate
Duration: two semesters

The Faculty Handbook is a working document of the University Senate and the faculty of the University of North Dakota. As such, it contains the policies and procedures used by stakeholders at the University. In addition to the policies instituted at the University, many of the policies passed by the University Senate and approved by the President are local implementation of State Board of Higher Education policy and must be cross referenced to the SBHE policy. The North Dakota Century Code is also a source document for the Faculty Handbook.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Faculty Handbook, updates and revisions are required on an ongoing basis. The goal with this project is to identify an administrative intern who would work closely with the Senate Executive Committee to ensure that the Faculty Handbook continues to be an optimal reference document for faculty on this campus. To do this, the intern will need to become familiar with the Faculty Handbook, SBHE policy, the Century Code, as well as other source documents, and will assist the Senate Executive Committee in the updating and maintaining this manual.

The benefits of this administrative internship are the ability to gain a working knowledge of the policies and procedures that affect campus life, have a significant impact on the updating and maintenance of this crucial document, and work with the campus governance system.