OTM Guide

What is an OTM?

An Of-the-Month (OTM) is an award used to recognize students, faculty, staff, organizations and programs. Multiple nomination categories exist, allowing nominators to recognize a wide variety of people.

The website for OTM submission can be found at the right of the page. Here are some writing tips.

  1. Make sure the OTM is month specific.  While many student leaders are successful each month, what makes them deserving of this particular month?  Focus on the month at hand showcase the amazingness that they have accomplished this month to deserve this OTM.
  2. Define Acronyms.  Many institutions have different acronyms for a Residence Hall Association or a Hall Senate/Hall Council.  Define the acronym once and in parenthesis put the acronym so you can use it later in your OTM.
  3. Be as detailed as possible.  The more details you give in an OTM the more a person who is judging the OTM can fully understand why the person/group/program in a particular category is worthy of the OTM.  The more details you give the better!
  4. Try to hit the word limit.  The more details you put in results in more words. BUT BE CAREFUL….Don’t surpass the word count or that can instantly disqualify an OTM.
  5. Make sure that your OTM is in the correct category. While many individuals serve in various roles, make sure that the reason you are nominating an individual is because of the work that they have done in the specific category.
  6. Don’t leave any fields in the OTM blank.  We want to be able to deliver these awards and if we don’t have all the information, we won’t get to deliver the awesomeness that is an OTM.
  7. Have fun! Writing an OTM is about recognizing someone!  Don’t do it because you have to, do it because you want to!

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