About NRHH

NRHH is an organization which works closely with the Association of Residence Halls in making the residence halls a better place to live. NRHH is a service of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc and is designed to give national as well as local recognition to students making outstanding contributions to their residence halls. The National office firmly believes in the value of student involvement in residence hall life – in the educational, social and athletic realms.

Realizing the value of participation, students contribute vast amounts of their personal time in an effort to make their own college experiences more meaningful to them. This effort not only benefits them but the entire residence hall system as well.

NRHH exists to honor these students, and is the only nationwide organization that recognizes residence hall leaders. Membership is limited to one percent (1%) of the residence hall population. The nomination and selection processes happen yearly in April. Shortly thereafter in May, the annual NRHH Banquet is held to recognize residence hall students who have provided truly outstanding service to the residence community with several different awards, including several scholarships which are given out at this time as well.

NRHH members provide various training workshops for the members of residence hall government which includes the fall leadership workshop. They also raise money for the NRHH scholarship and, of course, provide recognition to those individuals who provide outstanding leadership with the residence halls. Additionally, NRHH works on many projects, including the aforementioned annual leadership workshop for hall government members and the “Finals Exam Survival Kits”.

Should you have any questions about NRHH, feel free to contact the Housing Office, the ARH President or the NRHH President, listed on page 3 in the Student Planner and Handbook.

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